Open Macro

Open Macro wins the 2015 App Challenge!

This year's competition was fiercer than ever, and Open Macro beat Tap and Access UChicago for the $10,000 prize awarded by UChicago Tech.  Read more about the winning app.

Open Macro will allow economists and policymakers in low-income countries to have access to the computing power and modeling capabilities at the cutting edge of the economics profession, giving them the tools and resources to make better policy decisions and improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

"Before coming to the University of Chicago, I worked for the InternationalMonetary Fund on building the tools that economists in low-income countries need in order to analyze their countries’ economies. While I was there, I noticed a problem. Economists need a certain software suite in order to make robust economic analyses, and this software is 1) not affordable for most countries and 2) very difficult to learn to use. This means that economists and policymakers in low-income countries generally do not have access to the cutting edge tools that their counterparts in richer countries use to ensure stable inflation, economic growth, affordable goods, and full employment in their countries.

Open Macro is a tool we are developing to solve this problem. It is a freely available web application built with open-source tools. It relies on an easy-to-use graphical interface so that policy analysts anywhere in the world can quickly learn to use it.